Projects bring together visionaries, innovators, and resources to make LAUNCHPAD pitches a reality. Our projects are addressing healthcare challenges faced by real people.

myPath Project

The myPath Project will realize an idea that came out of our LAUNCH Innovation Studio in McKee, Kentucky. Inspired by real people’s stories about experiencing cancer in rural Kentucky, one team of innovation studio participants suggested building an app to link patients, their primary care provider, their specialty care team, and a patient navigator. Another team pitched a telehealth solution┬áthat would facilitate patient-provider communication during times of distress.

These pitches inspired us to redesign the process that is currently used to monitor cancer patients’ distress. We hosted two additional Innovation Studios at Markey Cancer Center in Lexington, KY to co-create a new process in collaboration with patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and technologists. The result was a new electronic app prototype and accompanying services. We are currently in the process of collecting feedback on the new system and testing it in the field with real patients and providers. If you would like to check out our app prototype, please use this survey┬áto tell us what you think.