Do you have an idea for an innovation to address a challenge in the domain of rural cancer care? 

Pitch: A brochure tailored for individual cancer patients, to inform them of resources for which they are eligible. Also, a video messaging device that patients could use to contact their providers.

Pitch: A smart collar that therapy dogs wear. Patients can press the button on the collar to immediately contact a doctor or other services.

Pitch: A support group for patients to write songs and poems to express their feelings about cancer, treatments, or anything that they have going on.

Pitch: Support for patients from local cancer survivors so people know that they’re not alone and that they can survive cancer treatment. Would help people understand that cancer is survivable, that they’re cared for, and that there’s life after a cancer diagnosis.

Pitch: An “All things cancer” website where everything comes together for people who have cancer, from wigs and wheelchairs to counseling. Also, portable video conferencing to interact directly with a provider.

Pitch: A transportation program utilizing community volunteers and church vans.

Pitch: A satellite clinic to reduce the distance patients must travel to access treatment and resource navigation.

Pitch: A device and application that allows patients to text message their providers with questions.

Pitch: A way to loop together communication between the patient, a patient navigator, the primary care provider, and the specialty care team, possibly through a device or app that matches patient needs/questions with the right person to talk to.

Pitch: On-site childcare at cancer treatment facilities.

Pitch: A community-centered ride sharing app that pairs patients needing transportation with volunteers willing to drive them and compensates volunteers through local cancer funds.

Pitch: A person who can help patients understand what resources are available to them and helps them connect with those resources.

Pitch: You and Your Stress Scale: Our scale is the “you and your stress scale.” We didn’t put cancer in it because we understand some patients take this before they have their cancer diagnosis… We want to know about your stress. We want to help the care team know how your condition affects your life.

Pitch: Wellbeing Thermometer: It’s a simple, context-driven assessment tool

Pitch: My Cancer Path: A dynamic tool reported at the frequency of patients’ needs that uses patient reported outcomes and trends to indicate the urgency of response.

Pitch: Total Wellness Scale: It’s a total gauge of wellness because we know that one affects the other.

Pitch: Communication Link Between Patients and Providers: You have a curated service network, you can click on it right away…But for providers, we love the idea that it’s a case management tool.

Pitch: Prioritizing Areas of Need: In our app, we wanted to enable the patient or the caregiver to prioritize their areas of need, and then to be able to tie that to the resources necessary to help them with that particular distress.

Pitch: Integrating Into the UK Portal: Some of our key design features were integration into the UK portal. The reason for this is that the patients were very familiar with the UK portal and also the lack of passwords, because of “chemo brain,” they tend to forget things.

Pitch: Access to Care at All Times: One thing we wanted was a button, right away, before you log in, to address any urgent issues.

Pitch: A Dashboard to Give Patients a Choice: It empowers patients to advocate for themselves by selecting what symptoms they want to address, how much they’d like to share, and choosing what categories are more important to them at the moment.